At Ross Squared, in addition to our own products, we take pride in assisting companies in maximizing their revenues by improving business processes through the use of software solutions that automate repetitive tasks and streamline practices while eliminating inefficiencies and redundancies.

We have been doing business since 2012, from our Crystal River, FL headquarters. As of Winter 2019, we have relocated to and are now doing business in the Lansdowne, Pennsylvania area.

Ross Squared, formerly Dajen Group, was once a collaborative effort between Dale and Jenneil Ross, drawing expertise from years in software development, operations, and logistics.

Following Dale and Jenneil's separation, a rebranding was agreed on by both parties

Ross Squared now represents the consolidation of all properties spearheaded by members of the nuclear family with matriarch Alseita A. Ross and patriarch Brevenal G. Ross

We understand that companies have a particular outcome in mind when seeking software consultations, whether implementation or product recommendations. We have a proven system that will guide each company to its desired results.


Whatever the task, a company can expect the following processes that encourage constant communication and clarity of practices.

  • Initial Consultation

    This is where our previous motto, "From Concept to Culmination" is evident. At this phase, we take what you have in mind and create an initial workflow from start to goal. We understand, too, that a company may not always know precisely what software solutions they need but are aware of opportunities in their businesses to streamline processes and/or eliminate inefficiencies. We will help to guide you through this process.

  • On-Site Visit

    If needed, we will come to your site to review business practices in order to tailor a solution to your needs.

  • Written Proposal

    -This outlines:

    • The task to be completed and responsibilities of each party.
    • Time required for performance. At Ross Squared, we are mindful of the importance of delivering in a timely manner and will always aim complete projects within the specified time.
    • Layout and workflow of project.
    • Cost to client and terms of payment.

  • Proposal Review

    At this phase, we set up a meeting to discuss the written proposal, ensuring all are clear on terms and satisfied with direction of project.

  • Execution

    Everything is tailored to you! During this phase we will develop a solution unique to your needs. We encourage communication, questions and suggestions during this period as we work to give you just what you need.

  • Presentation of final product
  • Ongoing support if required