My OWL vanished! What should I do?

There are a few reasons why the owl might fly away.

  1. You are not currently viewing a game.
      The OWL is only activated when viewing Scrabble, Lexulous or Wordscraper
  2. The OWL was updated and no permissions were changed.
      To resolve, reload the game
  3. The OWL was updated and permission were changed.
      To resolve, Either:
    1. Review the state of the OWL in the Extensions List and approve the necessary permissions. Enter chrome://extensions in your address bar to view the extensions list
    2. If your options bar turned orange follow the steps outlined in the image sequence below, then refresh your active games.
      Click the options button
      Click OWLS Word Games Enhancer requires new permissions
      Click Review permissions
      Click Re-enable

How can I update my extension before it is automatically installed?

To update your extension after it has been published, use the following steps.

  1. Click the three horizantal bars
  2. Click Tools
  3. Click Extensions
  4. Select Developer Mode if it is not yet selected.
  5. Click "Update extensions now".

Why does the dictionary show a list of sites for some words with no definiton?

The dictionary look-up done by Google is sometimes unable to find a definition for obscure words. When this happens, references to the word on other websites will be the only results displayed.

Why does the OWL require the permissions listed below?

  1. Access to your data on

    This is to allow retrieval of game data for Lexulous and Wordscraper

  2. Access to your data on

    This is to allow retrieval of game data for Scrabble

  3. Access to your data on

    This facilitates integration with The Facebook Scrabble League

  4. Access to your tabs and browsing data

    This allows the OWL to know when to appear based on the URL in the current tab.

Can I use the owl on more than one computer?

Yes, but your notes will only be saved on the computer where you wrote them.

Can I donate to the creators of this awesome tool

Sure! We do this for the love of the game and the writing software. If you want to help us to build better tools by supporting the cause however, please do! We'll still keep doing it regardless.

  1. Extraction of game data at the end of the game in gcg format for Quackle or
  2. Moveable Tracker that can be dragged by the user
  3. World Peace